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Born December 21st, 1990, Matthew Ryan Herget is an emerging self-taught artist from Miami, FL.  Herget's work is what he calls, a "constant collaboration" between himself at all points in his life. Often, paintings are layered in sketches and other paintings from his childhood or crayon scribbles that coexist with vivid oil paint in which he has coined "contemporary cave paintings." In his work, Herget constantly strives to embrace the fearless and confident nature of who he was as a child and partner that with the expanding wisdom of who he is becoming as a professional artist. Often, his paintings consist of juxtapositions of visual metaphors that tend to represent overcoming personal fears and limitations. These juxtapositions mix serious tones with fun imagery, which is again an ode to embracing who he is becoming but at the same time never forgetting where he came from. 

In his newest body of work, Herget has been pushing his boundaries and comfort zone with his "energy studies" in which he has stripped away structure of the image and left it more to interpretation and feeling. Thick paint, savage palate knife scrapes, and quick brush strokes, create a timeless feeling of energy on the canvas. Matt currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.